Can You Really Save For a House Deposit in Four Years?

The post office has released a new tool that can tell you how much you’ll need to be saving per month to be able to afford a deposit for a home along with some research they’ve done about first time buyers. Now I have questions. They claim that the average first time buyer will spend four […]

Easiest hollandaise sauce

Guys guys!! I made a hollandaise sauce and I genuinely can’t believe how easy it was. So I’ve been guilty of buying pre-made hollandaise sauces in jars or from the fresh fridges in supermarkets and now I know how to make it, and how easy it is, I don’t know what I’ve been doing all […]

Things I Learned During Frugal February

I wanted to call this post… Things that I learned doing frugal February and failing but also all things I should have known anyway …but it was too long. At the beginning of February I decided to challenge myself to spend as little as possible. A challenge that both succeeded and failed. I set myself […]

Pay for your coffee with a poem on World Poetry Day

Hey guys! So, who here is into poetry? Not you? Yeah right. If you like a limerick, heart a haiku  or resonate to rap then get your pretentious pants on and head down to a participating Julius Meinl location on the 21st March for World Poetry Day. OK, so my point is that poetry isn’t […]

Frugal February: 28 Day Low/No Spend Challenge

Have you broken your new year’s resolution to spend less money already? Well February is here and it’s a fresh new month. I’m going to be telling myself this every day for the next 28 days as I take part in Frugal February. The idea of Frugal February is to have a no spend month […]

Consumerism Gone Mad: Cauliflower Steak

Until a few weeks ago I had never heard of cauliflower steak. That was until a vegetarian friend of mine was excited about it being served at a lunch. “Isn’t it just sliced cauliflower though?” I asked…it turns out, that’s exactly what it was. Cauliflower Steak is sliced cauliflower with a fancy name. Now I’m […]

New Year’s Resolutions that are NOT Losing Weight

Happy New Year! (and a bit!) I don’t mean to do a new year’s resolution every year but it’s difficult not to look back on the past year and re-evaluate where you are compared to the same time a year ago. And I know that I’ll get cynical criticism from everyone I talk to. “Well […]

New Year, New Blog

Hello and welcome! If you haven’t met me then… Hi! I’m Genevieve. Welcome to The Vive Edit, my new blog about living a more purposeful life.   I’ve run a few blogs over my blogging life; I co-founded a “thinkers blog”, an entertainment blogazine and also a (very) casual fitness and lifestyle blog. I uploaded […]