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Hello and welcome! If you haven’t met me then… Hi! I’m Genevieve. Welcome to The Vive Edit, my new blog about living a more purposeful life.


I’ve run a few blogs over my blogging life; I co-founded a “thinkers blog”, an entertainment blogazine and also a (very) casual fitness and lifestyle blog. I uploaded thousands of posts about all sorts of things.


All of this has taught me one thing. Less is definitely more.


When you begin blogging, it’s like shouting into a vacuum; it’s great when you get a retweet or someone shares your post. You interview a celebrity or two, go to premieres, meet your heroes and possibly get a scoop. It’s lovely to start getting emails from strangers, PR professionals and brands marketing their latest products.


Then you get your details on a media database and you become swamped with press releases. You go to events created specifically for bloggers where you’re spoilt rotten, fed canapes and liberally doused with cava thanks to the free bar. You’re pampered and given freebies and somehow your content becomes more and more product focussed and you begin to find that the scoops become less frequent, everyone’s publishing the same content and you have a mountain of products that you feel obliged to review.


You end up with a mountain of things. so many things that you have to find inventive ways to give away promotional teddy bears, sweets, pens and pencils and pots of pesto that you’re given. I know what you’re thinking, “urgh, another blogger complaining about free things. There are bigger problems in the world.” And you’re right. And as I was trying to write about products when there were other bigger issues at stake in the world, that’s when it began to become difficult to write and remain enthusiastic.


Back to stuff.


Your dwelling becomes a chronological to do pile and your calendar and inbox has become a to do list. Somehow you have 7 inboxes and some of them have over 10,000 emails. You feel pressured to colour code your instagram and have rose gold and marble everything, you collect props for photos and you leave things you’ve bought in their wrapper because you haven’t get around to taking photos of them yet.


It becomes less about your flair for communicating your thoughts via writing and blogging gets boiled down to how pretty you are or how colour coordinated you can make your instagram. People start telling you that their blog is “a microblog on insta” and you later learn (through a process of them repeatedly following and unfollowing you) that their 200k followers is an artificially inflated amount. Suddenly the tabloids start to talk about bloggers or “influencers” as reality TV show contestants.


The more and more involved in the blogosphere I became, the crazier it got and the more hectic my life became. Trying to balance my career as an actress and voice over artist with my day job in an office is difficult enough, add a crazy blogging schedule on top of that and it’s a recipe for a burnout. And I think I had one.


So what is The Vive Edit?


The Vive Edit is about editing and curating your life. From objects, to things in your calendar and things that clutter your head, It’s a practical minimalism journey and if you’re still reading this then you’re truly amazing and I hope you stick with me on this journey.


For the past few years I’ve been telling my friends I am trying to go minimalist. I think I’ve actually not been describing it correctly as what I’ve really been trying to do is go minimalist, but in a way that suits me. I mean, I like stuff, stuff is great and sometimes it can enhance your life. However it can also be a burden and needlessly add physical and psychological pressure on you. Likewise, being busy is wonderful, being entertained even better, but when you’re so busy you mind is constantly working and it’s stopping you from sleeping or relaxing, then you know it’s time to simplify and make tough choices about what you’re filling your life with.


So The Vive Edit is about finding simplicity in your life without being too simplistic. It’s about minimising without being a “minimalist” and it’s about living deliberately without losing all the spontaneity and fun if life.


What to expect?


Learn from my mistakes, live vicariously from a walking typing disaster. Expect to find mildly self deprecating humour and an honest journey into finding the right philosophy.


Also expect exciting finds, tips I pick up along the way and the very occasional, very selective review.


If you have any tips, let me know at @theviveedit on twitter

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